Front-End vs Back-End, Which Side Do I Choose?

Before I get into my points, some may arrive at this blog post thinking one is better than the other, or thinking I’m going to choose one over the other. However, the title simply represents two career paths. I want to share my personal perspective to possibly help those choose what may better suit them […]


Something I always wanted to do was renovate my own home. Step one, get a home… Check! Step two, start renovating. You may wonder, how does one come to wanting to make furniture for a home? Watching too much HGTV maybe? Well first there’s the obvious, everyone wants a place of their own. I guess […]

Hello web!… I’m Here

It’s been a long long time in the making, but it’s finally here and it’s not even finished yet. My site has been through many phases, but never completed. The reason why? Because I’m a Web Developer. Let me explain.  As a web designer/developer, you’re constantly learning new design techniques, technology, tools, ext. So being […]