Hello web!… I’m Here

It's been a long long time in the making, but it's finally here and it's not even finished yet. My site has been through many phases, but never completed. The reason why? Because I'm a Web Developer. Let me explain. 

As a web designer/developer, you're constantly learning new design techniques, technology, tools, ext. So being the particular guy that I am and working on a site that represents me, it simply was always in flux. I wanted something that would showcase my skill set, my vision, eye for design, and now I finally feel like I'm there... almost.

"Now what?" you ask. Well, like I said, I'm constantly learning and I still plan on adding to my site, such as: new page layouts, features, or ideas. I feel though, my design has reached a point where I'm comfortable making it live. So here we are, ShannonReca.com. I call this the"Clean" theme (generic, I know. But straight forward), and I plan to hold on to it for a while. 

A few things I would like to mention is that, the main JS and CSS used for this site is 100% my own stuff. For example, the transition effect you see when navigating through internal pages are using my SR-Transition script. The special link effects you may see within a blog post is an evolution of my SR-Link script. Finally, the site design and especially my navigation bar was my unique concept. 

Just for kicks, here's a few of my portfolio site designs within the last decade:

This pretty much says it all. Feel free to let me know what you think... About my site now, not these screenshot from above.