New LEGO Fan Site – MOCFolio!

The Beginning

Let me start off by saying I'm a huge LEGO fan. I've enjoyed building, creating with LEGOs since my childhood. It wasn't until recently I decided to jump back into it. It really just started from walking into a LEGO store out of curiosity. All the sets and new minifigures were so detailed. For most of these characters, as a child I had to use my imagination while playing, but now actually seeing them, really brought me back. So I said "why not?" I made a few purchases in June of 2016, and now is live.

This has been a huge project for me. In addition to starting this project, as a web developer, learning new dev tools is always a goal of mine. So I decided to build the site using ReactJS. Mind you, I've never used ReactJS before so I was actually learning as I went. It's really the best way of learning (at least for me). The project took just over six months to complete and launch. I'm still in the middle of upgrading and improving the site, but it's definitely fully functional as expected. I'm also using a virtual server, which will allow me to scale the site as needed. Installing LAMP, SSL, and Mail on a server is really a whole other project in itself but also a huge plus for my knowledge base.

About the Site

So the concept of the site was inspired from The idea of having members being in charge of accepting new registrations really helps with having a consistent level of quality throughout the site. This lead me to the idea of adding sponsorship. Each registration/member that is accepted/sponsored is allowed three sponsorships of their own. Which would create a tree-like structure of memberships.

MOCs that are posted can just be a MOC or part of a bigger picture such as a collection. Collections on the site are similar to themes by LEGO. The inspiration behind this came from wanting to work for LEGO as a master builder. However, getting these jobs/positions are very rare. You're better off just creating your own ventures. This is where I would like to believe MOCFolio will thrive. I would like to see other successes similar to Brickmania which specializes in historical military sets. Instead of just relying on LEGO themes such as Star Wars, City, Marvel Heros, etc. Imagine what themes/Collections others can make.

What about selling MOCs? I don't want to say it'll never be apart of MOCFolio, since you never know what the site can evolve into. However, I think sites such as Bricklink already does an awesome job at this, and for now I would rather leave this to third party sites.

For any addition information, question, comments about, send inquiries mocfolio at