Backdoor 2 Is Coming Soon…

In 2015, I decided to build another CMS, specifically for a Front-End Developer. I always try to challenge myself on these personal projects, so I thought at the time, wouldn't it be cool to just code within the browser. This would allow you to see the changes immediately and at the same time stay true to being a Content Manager to only developers. Later I realized after doing some investigating, is that there were several online services that were already doing this. I almost scrapped the idea at the moment, but quickly thought how these were services and not a deployable standalone product. So that is when I decided to create Backdoor out of PHP, Coffeescript, and used SQL Lite as my DB for storing data.

My initial attempt involved a lot of spaghetti code, due to deciding how to accomplish things on the fly. There was never a planning stage in the process, I was just excited to accomplish it. As time went on, and I wanted to make improvements not only to better the product, but to fulfill request from clients that were using it, it became much harder to manage. I quickly realized the only way to properly scale this project was by starting over. So I ended version one with v1.3. Before getting right into version two, I was deciding on how I was going to build Backdoor moving forward. Around the same time I was deciding if I want to learn Angular 2 or React. After some research I ultimately decided to go with React. Now the problem was, I don't know React lol. That's when I began my ambitious project of MOCFolio, which taught me a whole lot. It was a bit of a grind, learning the wrong way then correcting it. Learning why to build it this way versus that way, etc. It was the training I really needed.

After a successful launch of MOCFolio, and little tweaks here and there, I finally am ready to work on Backdoor 2. Backdoor 2 is already in development, and making huge strides. I gave myself a goal of having it ready by Fall of this year (2017).