Gigabyte Aero 15 Review

I've now had my Aero 15 for four days now and coming from a 2008 Gateway FX gaming laptop, my expectations are completely satisfied. I was really on the fence about purchasing a $1900 laptop, but ultimately decided this was the laptop that checked off pretty much all of my preferences. I wanted a laptop mostly for my web development, possibly video editing, and definitely gaming. I wanted something light weight, thin, but with a big enough screen size that didn't make me feel like I took a major step down from my previous 17 inch beast. 

After looking at some video reviews, benchmarks, and the actual design of the exterior, it was time to green light the purchase. Now here I am writing this review from my wonderful laptop.

The Great

Right off the bat, the screen is sharp and the color looks amazing. The thin bezels on the edge are now a must have. I honestly don't know if I can go back to a laptop with larger bezels. Talk about getting spoiled. The keyboard feels great. I personally never understood the trend about "mechanical keyboards." I always preferred the Apple styled "chiclet" keyboard. Although this is subjective, most laptops are along these lines anyways. 

Battery life gives about six hours in my more than typical work day usage. I may have a distorted view on this since most people with laptops not as old as my previous one, may be use to decent battery life. My old laptop brand new gave me about two and a half hours, and weighed a ton. So six hours with strong usage and being light weight to move around the office was like hitting the jackpot. 

The trackpad isn't anything spectacular but honestly I haven't seen or used a trackpad that I felt was worth rave reviews. I'm on a mouse 90% of the time anyways but if asked, I'm perfectly happy with the trackpad. The individual keyboard key lighting comes into play for specific applications and games, and it's awesome. I'm still figuring out the settings and configurations but so far so good. I'm not going to get into specs since enough online reviews contain all of that, but I like the fact is has an additional slot for another drive. The laptop speed is great as well. I think I have windows fully loaded and ready to go in about 10 seconds. 

The Not So Bad

I guess if I had to pick something as a con, I would probably say the price. But I feel like I can't really complain about the price when compared to other laptops. It feels justified. Granted I just got the laptop, so maybe I'm still in the honeymoon period. I may come back in six months with an update. For now, if you ask me, you won't regret the purchase. It's a perfect balance between productivity and gaming.