The “Me” Section

I consider myself a Full Stack Developer but, now-n-days I've been working as a Front-End Developer. I started my web endeavors when I was at the age of 14 with an application that some knew as Macromedia Flash. Many years later, fails, successes, and constantly learning new technologies; brings us to my latest portfolio site of Which displays some of my design skills but, coding is definitely my core. Something about using creative logic to make things work is just something I'm passionate about.

Random Facts

Outside of the web, I like doing other things as well. I love sports, play fantasy football (not for money). I enjoy carpentry, yup, I'm a "do-it-yourselfer". Typical gamer, nothing hardcore or anything. Definitely into tech, smarthome stuff, etc. I'm Spanish and can speak Spanish ok. I believe I would survive in a Spanish country but don't ask for any translations.