Recruit Me

Hi there! Thank you for your interest. I'm actively searching for a new position and would like to use this page as a simple introduction of my overall job search goal. Let's go over a few things, shall we?

My Passion 

Within recent years I've been narrowing down the type of web development I would like to focus on. I asked myself, "What have I been really passionate about?" I realized it comes down to a few things. I love to create things! Not just web related, but other things as well. I've even dabbled in carpentry.

So what type of web development do I like to create? Well given my knowledge base of PHP and JavaScript, I'm constantly building web applications not just websites. In the past as a freelancer, when a potential client asked for a website, my fee isn't really about being creative, but more of a labor cost. Although, if asked for a custom Wordpress theme, this is where I like to thrive. I come from the days when the only title existed was "Web Designer," so I have a little design in my blood. 


I'm no UI/UX designer, nor do I know what the latest trends are within that field of work. However, coming from a Front-End Developer perspective and working with designers, I feel that I can contribute in some way or fashion if needed. I constantly visit sites like dribbble or behance for inspiration. I also have experience with Adobe products such as Photoshop and Illustrator, to retain important layout data for page structuring.

Willingness to Learn 

I love learning new technologies related to my field, that allows me to improve as a developer. I'm all for doing what I can for the team, mentor others when possible, and give constructive input when needed. I believe there is a strong benefit of being an expert in simply one field than just good in several fields. With my background, I still consider myself full stack but prefer to focus on one area. 

New Chapter

With this new opportunity, I would like a fresh start and the ability to focus my development in ReactJS. Being able to build or work on projects like,, and were great opportunities. This time around I look forward to building up a product or service. Build something I can claim ownership of, like a unique feature of a great product. For example, the current menu I've built for

My Skill Set

Code Base


Frameworks, Libraries, Preprocessors, and CMS

React JS


Node JS
Gulp JS

If I look like a candidate that's a perfect fit for an opening, please feel free to contact me via LinkedIn. I look forward to hearing from you.